LYSANIAS° (d. c. 36 B.C.E.), son of Ptolemy (son of Mennaeus), king of Chalcis in the region of the Lebanon. On the death of his father (c. 40 B.C.E.), Lysanias inherited the principality of Chalcis and continued to support the Hasmonean prince, Antigonus, in the latter's attempt to oust the house of Herod from Judea. To this end Lysanias induced the Parthian satrap of Syria, Barzapharnes, to restore Antigonus to his throne, offering the Parthian 1,000 talents and 500 women (cf. Jos., Wars 1:248; according to Jos., Ant. 14:331 the offer was made by Antigonus himself). The ensuing Parthian conquest of Judea (40 B.C.E.) was short-lived, and with the defeat of the Parthians Lysanias lost his kingdom, which was presented by Mark Antony to the Egyptian queen Cleopatra (37–36 B.C.E.). Lysanias was subsequently accused by Cleopatra of supporting the anti-Roman invasion, and was executed by order of Antony. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Schuerer, Gesch, 4 (19114), 75 (index), S.V. (Isaiah Gafni)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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